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 I wrote a lot when I was younger. My first short story was called “The War of Worlds” or something like that. It was about a bad guy – Sodamn Insane, a good guy – George “Machine Gun” Bush and three countries – Iranbecauseigotiraqed, Sweden and Soursauce and obviously the USofA. I was in, let’s say, the 5th grade.
I wrote my first poem when I was 12, “My Fault” and I got published in a book that ended up being a scam when I was 14 with a poem called “Insanity”. My senior project in college, for my theatre degree, was a one man show called, “Hollywood Bound”. I got booed at the Green Mill in Chicago for a poem I performed and I have been writing sketch comedy for 8 years or so.
I miss writing for writings sake – putting pen to paper and letting my words go. So, I’m going to start doing it again. I’m going to put my thoughts out there, share them and let people choose if they want to read them or not.
Here’s my plan – If I have something to write about I’m going to write it. Maybe a story, a poem or just thoughts. If I don’t have any ideas, I’m gonna use my improv suggestifier app and write about what it suggests. I may A to C it sometimes, we’ll find out together. I might even add pictures. Who knows.
That’s the best thing about life, guys. It’s fluid.
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