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I started editing in college around the year 2000, making poorly thought out news stories that relied on being funny and making fun of the silly things news anchors would do. It took very little time to realize that I would rather make funny videos and I started filming poorly thought out sketch comedy. My senior projects were – and this is not a joke –  stuffed animal porn and my friend Dylan and I humping trees. Needless to say, I got a degree in Broadcasting. Boom. Take that main stream media.
One of my specialties was taking non sequitur video, found footage or refurbishing footage that had already been used and using it for my own stuff. That’s how I kept practicing without the ability to truly film my own projects.
As time went on, I got editing jobs making comedic industrials for car dealerships, making sketch comedy and eventually working for Full Screen creating content for NBC, Mattel, Miramax, Sony, The Grand Ol’ Opry, Gopro, Tough Mudder, Family Guy, TBS, E! and several other well known entities.
I eventually got my own filming equipment and produced, directed and edited a feature length documentary, Through These Gates, about my home town football team – The Nebraska Cornhuskers. We distributed it our self and with the help of Dave Max had a 15 state tour that boasted 64 screenings. We were accepted into several film festivals and sold DVD’s worldwide.
Another thing worth mentioning is that I have a decade of improv and sketch comedy training from both Upright Citizens Brigade and iO West. The benefit that comedy and improv training adds to my editing is that I speak the comedy language and have great comedic timing. I also understand the joke, which isn’t something that everyone can say. I actively perform live and rehearse multiple times a week to keep my wit sharp as atack.
I am proficient in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro. I also work with Colorista from Red Giant.


These are trailers I made for Through These Gates, Miami Vice, The Incredible Hulk, Knight Rider and The A Team. I made the older tv show trailers for NBC Classic’s Youtube channel. I also made a trailer for Rich Kids of Beverly Hills that lives on E’s Youtube channel.

Sketch Comedy and Reused Footage

These are a limited selection of sketch videos that I have edited. I’m also including a video I made for NBC Classics, where I recut the Incredible Hulk to make him look sad and lonely as opposed to his typical angry self. The Ameer Abdullah video is a parody song I made out of pictures that I photoshopped and images I found on the internet.


Here are a couple things that I photoshopped. I’m including a couple “before and afters” with photography taken by Irina’s Photography. The rest are images that I either added elements too or combined images from the internet. I like to add peoples faces where they don’t belong.