The Big Red Cobcast is a Nebraska Cornhusker centric podcast by Los Angeles based (but Nebraska bred) improvisers, writers and comedians. I came up with the idea and brought it to Joe Canale and then we approached Corn Nation, who now hosts it on their sports blog.  Pat Janssen joined us later and three of us have been hosting it together ever since.

We also have contributors such as Bob Wiltfong (The Daily Show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and special guest hosts like Mike Canale, Chad Fogland, Steve Berg and others.

The podcast consists of comedians talking about everything Nebraska Athletics as well as interviewing NFL superstars, College Football icons, and Nebraska born celebrities. We’ve even chatted with AN ASTRONAUT! is a part of Yahoo’s SB Nation blog network which is owned by Vox. CN bosts over 5 million clicks a year  and almost 2 million unique visitors.

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