``Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory`` -Hartley Burr Alexander

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I’ve always viewed myself as an artist. Often times, an artist that found himself in non-artist situations. For a large chunk of my youth I was an artist that worked construction in the state of Nebraska. Then I graduated college and became the artist that waited tables to pay rent. Sometimes, I was even the artist that forgot I was an artist and didn’t understand why I didn’t fit in.

When I worked construction for my dad growing up, we would jimmy rig things. To jimmy rig is to take things and use them to do something that they weren’t intended to do or that you wouldn’t have thought that they could be used to do. We would add things to other things to make a new tool. Sometimes, we would find that these things were better at their new job than their old job.

That’s what I am, I think. I’m a jimmy rigged artist. I’m a pile of ¬†things that weren’t intended to make an artist and then, somehow, did. I think differently about things than most people I know or grew up with. My brain works differently. Not worse than and definitely not better than – just differently.

I guess, if I’m anything, I’m different.

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